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As the new administration takes office, we are waiting to see who the new Secretary of Transportation and FAA Administrator will be. The confirmation hearings are in full swing.

Sunday, January 15th, was the 8th anniversary of the amazing water landing made by Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles. It has become known as “The Miracle on the Hudson”.

This week’s new posts are about a SpaceX launch and TSA discoveries. SpaceX had a successful launch and landing. In 2016, TSA found a record number of handguns in carry-on bags.

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This Day in Aviation – January 15, 2009, Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger (Sully) and First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles made an emergency landing on the Hudson River. The landing became known as “The Miracle on the Hudson”.  [more]


A Fun Fact Quiz: How well do you know the F.A.A.?


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January 20, 2017

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