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December 23, 2016
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Efrain Orta

Efrain Orta works an ATSS out of Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina. He has been with the FAA for over 11 years and the Federal Government for over 34 years. During his career, Efrain has also worked for the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army.

When asked what part of his job he found to be the most fun, Efrain said that it was the installing of new equipment. For him, “there is a sense of satisfaction when you along with your coworkers put in a hard day’s work day after day until the job is completed to know we did that and as a result the flying public is safer due to it.”

Efrain finds working on “a number of sophisticated systems that are part of a complex network of systems” the most interesting part of his job. These are the systems that pilots use to navigate from location to location and to help them land in inclement weather and Air Traffic uses to assist pilots.

As an ATSS, he has travelled to Oklahoma many times for training. He enjoys going to Brick Town and the vast selection of restaurants that OKC has to offer. Most of all he enjoys the change of pace and the opportunity to relax and listen to music. For the past 11 years, he has stayed at Isola Bella. It is his favorite place to stay. He thinks the staff are outstanding and the accommodations are excellent.

When at home, Efrain enjoys listening to music, gardening, cooking, grilling, dancing and working around the house. He has a wife, Jackie of 31 years, two sons, Efrain Jr. and Benjamin, and a daughter, Paola. His household includes granddaughters Naria Rochelle and Natalie Rena, his daughter Paola, his son Efrain Jr., nephew Israel, and mother-in-law Mariana. Efrain has four grandchildren in total with one on the way.

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  1. Jamie Feger says:

    OMG! I received an invitation to join FAAToday and started to research it because I had never heard of it. I assumed the email was a phishing scam. Then hear I am on the landing page and I see Efrain Orta featured. I have worked with Efrain many moons ago. So glad to see him featured. Great job Efrain!

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