FAA Funding Increase Proposed For FY 2017

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April 13, 2017
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FAA Funding Increase Proposed For FY 2017


The FAA budget for the current fiscal year, 2017, may receive a boost of $127 million. This would increase their budget to $10.26 billion which is more than $30 million over the original request. Congressional spending package “places particular emphasis on a number of areas of interest to general aviation, including certification, advanced materials and alternative fuels research and NextGen.”

The spending bill has earmarked increased funding for a variety of different programs and lines of business. It provides $1.5 million for the hiring of more specialists in support of new technology certification and expansion of organizational authorization.

The bill also addresses the funding of the contract tower program and the contract weather observers program with a prohibition on the elimination of the later. Which is very timely since the weather observers program was due to expire this summer.

Once the final bill has been approved by the Congress and signed by the president, more detailed funding information will be available for review.






  1. Profile photo of Donal Hall Donal Hall says:

    Any news on this??

  2. The FY 2017 funding package that Congress approved and was signed by the president provided $16.4 billion for the FAA. It included language in opposition of privatizing the agency’s air traffic organization . It rolled over report language included in a previous version of the spending bill that noted, “The attempt to remove the [ATC] system from the FAA is fraught with risk, could lead to uncontrollable cost increases to consumers and could ultimately harm users and operators in the system.”

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